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Hey Detox world! Along with the new look of the site, we’re in the mood to start a new hashtag trend. To celebrate the luscious lip beauties of the world, Detox is starting #YYT (#YummyYeahTuesdays).

This hashtag is for both men and women, so no one feels excluded from the love.  We’re going to start off my showing love to two beauties, actor Michael B. Jordan, and recording artist Elle Varner.  These two people are both paving their lanes as one of the leaders of the new school in the media industry, and just so damn awesome to look at.  Both are true talents, dope swag, and best known by their fans for their luscious lips!

michael b jordan newelle varner new

So, join in on the fun! If you have a celebrity or round-da-way crush with luscious soup-coolers that you adore, post their pic with #YYT 😉