Detoxaholic is back with the #YYT (Yummy Yeah Tuesday) celebration! This week nominees are a podcast trio that hosts the growingly popular podcast called The Friend Zone. These three entertaining and enlightening millennials provide their own empathetic and comedic stance for the promotion of mental and physical wellness. Also they keep their evolving audience charmed with their down to earth swag and adorable good looks!

First is the show’s health and beauty wellness expert Francheska Medina. This uptown beauty provides awesome and affordable advice in practicing a more organic and holistic lifestyle in health, body and beauty care. She also shares super relatable stories about her own growing pains as a young woman of color and evolving her brand as a creative. My new addiction is her Hey Fran Hey blog site and YouTube channel where she posts do-it-yourself videos for making your own beauty and body products such as toothpaste, deodorant, lip scrub, lip balms, hair removal concoctions, deep conditioners, face masks and more. She also recommends super affordable organic products such as hair and skin care lines, vitamin supplements, workout regimen tips, organic eating tips, and more. Along with her site and YouTube Channel, you can stay up-to-date with her evolving brand by following her via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Perfectly completing the lively trio are super cutie pie co-hosts Dustin Ross and Assante. The world was first introduced to this melodically spontaneous duo by their bestie, and YouTube breakout star/podcast host, Kid Fury. They have served as guest hosts on Fury’s highly popular podcast show, The Read. And you can also see their everyday, smoke and chill antics on Kid Fury’s YouTube channel series “The Green Experiment” where audiences watch their hilarious replies and responses to current pop culture events and media platforms. These two gentlemen provide an awesome balance to The Friend Zone experience. When the mental wellness topics can get a bit too heavy, they always provide a great dose of comic relief where the audience simultaneously laugh at their pain and find resolution in their adulthood growing pains. I always look forward to hearing their remix renditions of current pop hits or Dustin’s gospel song recommendation to keep your spirits high when you’re feeling down and out. Their genuine friendship is warm and endearing, and I love how the vibe of the show feels like old friends having a good ole heart-to-heart.


Besides co-hosting The Friend Zone, Assante is growing his brand in music and guest hosting other up and coming web and podcast series shows. Dustin is spreading his wings as an actor and media personality, and also co-hosting on various popular online magazines, media panels, and more. To stay current with these two gentlemen, follow Dustin Ross via Twitter and Instagram, and also follow Assante via Instagram and Twitter.

To catch up on all current episodes of The Friend Zone podcast check out their SoundCloud page. Once you get hooked follow the cast via Facebook and Twitter.

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