Like most Americans who didn’t vote for Trump, I’m trying my best to get a grip on this new harsh reality of American society.

The Obama era has officially ended and Donald Trump has been sworn in as the President of the United States. All of these events still seem so surreal, but watching the inauguration events was as real as it gets. Although it was a low turnout, that fool is really the President, and the sad reality is settling in, smh.

As I watch the news and read the posts on social media, the whole country seems so stressed, combative, and weary.

The last quarter of 2016 was very tough to gain my bearings. The year’s end brought the news of many unfortunate deaths of many pop culture icons such as Prince, David Bowie, Phife Dawg, George Michael – and the list goes on.

But with all the social media memorials of the loved ones we’ve all lost, it lets me know that there are millions of people like me that are in mourning. Not only in our personal lives, but for America.

The election of Donald Trump was a deafening alarm clock out of the Obama dreamland we’ve all been in for the past eight years. Although I’m not a fan of politics, I have always had immense respect for the superb grace of the Obama family. They will always maintain their reputation for making history and inspiring a generation.

But even with all the history Obama made, it still managed to resurface all the blatant racism, sexism, classism, and all other isms that America has been dealing with for centuries.

I wasn’t able to make it to any of the Woman’s marches that just passed, but it was a beautiful turnout. All of the witty slogans on the protest signs were hashtag and meme heaven, and it was great to see all cultures of women, and even men, stand up for the current issues women face in Western cultures.

But even with the uniting stances made at the Woman’s March, it’s still truly disheartening to observe all of the division I see amongst people on the news, websites, blogs, and social media. I see many people with media platforms enjoy tearing down and overly criticizing one another, especially famous people. I know that many public figures have recently said or done problematic things i.e. Kim Burrell, Chrisette Michele, and the list goes on – but isn’t this lynch mob stance exhausting?

It seems many people take more joy in the criticism of media figures, than actually contributing or joining forces to have positive and active change in our society. I know that I may be offended or annoyed by these close-minded or naïve actions of certain public figures, but their minds and actions don’t affect my livelihood. Whether someone is homophobic or taking a gig with Trump for money, that is their prerogative.

But please don’t mistake my dismissive stance for acceptance. I do not condone or agree with Chrisette Michele, Kim Burrell, Tom Brady, Steve Harvey, or any other celebrities that are truly uninformed of the modern injustices of American society. It’s obvious these people haven’t made true efforts to become well-versed in these matters, and they are abusing their platforms to spread ignorance, greed, and hate.

In conclusion, we must remain focus my fellow Americans. We have four long, insufferable years of this orange tyrant and we really need to conserve our energy. I’m sure he and his cabinet have tons of injustices up their sleeves to unleash to our country that will need to be protested against. They’ve already announced and activated the Muslim ban, and this injustice was put into place within less than a month of Trump being sworn into office. Therefore, being offended by unaware, or desperate celebrities is a waste of energy and the least of our problems as American citizens.

We have to think of ways to unite rather than finding continuous petty ways for further division.

Therefore, I’m going to try my best in 2017 for Detoxaholic to continue promoting positivity and diversity of American society, and celebrating folks that are using their talents, minds and platforms towards positive change. I will continue to do my part to analyze and protest the matters that effect my pockets and willpower to survive in this new frontier.

Buckle up America, we’re in for a bumpy ride ….