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The Suite Life

Embrace your amazing!” – Desmond “Dez the Prez” Walker

Desmond Walker is the founder and host of SuiteLife Radio on BLIS.FM based in Washington D.C. He simultaneously lives and works in New York City coordinating showcases and events held at the renowned SOB’s nightclub in Manhattan. Desmond is the general in his regime in building the SuiteLife brand into an American household name. My fellow Detoxaholics, journey with me through the inspiring grind and hustle of the hilariously infamous Dez the Prez.

Desmond always held passion and drive to be in the entertainment industry and consistently set goals to achieve his evolving dreams of success. As a young boy, Desmond set a goal for himself that he would work hard to be a professional singer by the age of fourteen. Later in his teenage years, one of his major inspirations was Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, which sparked Desmond’s transition to new aspirations to discover and develop careers of other talented musicians.

After college, Desmond held a a year-long internship at the reputable public relations firm, The Britto Agency in New York City, which was utilized as a platform to pursue his ultimate goal. The respected firm held A-list clientele such as Angela Bassett, Mariah Carey, and various NFL and NBA elites; but on his road to self-discovery, Desmond’s childhood passion for music was still tugging at his spirit. His intuition led him to save his money and build his own recording studio in his Southeast Washington D.C. apartment. The outcome was his 2011 mixtape entitled “Gainfully Employed,” with a theme that centered on his life experiences and his longing to thrive in the music industry. For about a year, he even performed with his band called The Cabinet, which had a Fugees/Black Eyed Peas-like vibe. As he was shopping around his mixtape to radio stations all over the D.C. area his witty charm caught the attention of the program director of WLVS. They viewed his charisma as a great vibe for a new on-air radio personality, and requested that he send a proposal for a radio show concept to consider adding to their line-up. Next, history was made when The Presidential Suite w/ DEZ the Prez aired on April 7, 2012.


Dez’s concept for the Presidential Suite experience is celebrating all aspects of entertainment and American pop culture. Since the show is based in his hometown of Washington D.C., he is proud to provide an outlet that showcases the art and entertainment culture that is buzzing throughout the city by interviewing talent in the forefront of music, fashion, beauty, comedy, social and political outreach and culinary expertise. The signature style of the show is “all about the party”, which lures viewers in every week to listen to Dez’s humorous outlook on current social and political happenings. His Presidential Suite team consists of his co-host Tia, and the skillful Kerim the DJ. He is extremely hands-on with the branding of the show in regards to creating the show’s initial logo, booking talent, and cross-branding ventures with other businesses and non-profits—local and nationwide.

Since 2012, Desmond has been on a brilliant rollercoaster ride with the Presidential Suite show. The show is charting amongst the top ten broadcasted shows on the reputable stations of WLVS and Blis.FM, which positively reflect that his non-stop grind is never in vain. Currently, The Presidential Suite is being revamped to return full force at the top of 2015 onto the international radio market. He is anxious to raise a heightened experience for the show’s annual hosting showcases at the SXSW Festival and SCMC Music Conference. Most importantly, he is in pre-production to develop a live TV variety show experience that is a wonderful mash-up of sketch comedy and music, tentatively entitled “SHINDIG.” Desmond loves to share his radiant energy with all fellow creative entrepreneurs and artists and encourages all ambitious individuals to “embrace your amazing!” He is motivated by major TV and radio broadcasting heavyweights such as Ryan Seacrest, Donnie Simpson, and Russ Parr; and determinedly strives to ultimately reach the height of their inspirational successes.

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