Jason Kusimo – “It’s All In The Execution”

Detoxaholic held the pleasure of speaking with Brooklyn based fashion designer and influencer Jason Kusimo. I totally fell in love with his line at the 2016 Brooklyn Fashion Week show this past October. I instantly noticed the mash-up ...


#YYT – Yummy Yeah Tuesdays

Detoxaholic is back with the #YYT (Yummy Yeah Tuesday) celebration! Showing love to new wave NYC based visual artists that are giving their personalized stamp on urban consciousness and unique self-expression in their artwork. Along with their ...


#YYT (YummyYeahTuesdays)

It’s time again for #YYT, Yummy Yeah Tuesdays! This week we’re celebrating the luscious mouth pieces of hip hop super veteran turn Hollywood hustler Common, and new school supermodel Gigi Hadid. Both beauties have serious work ethic, quiet sex ...

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Artsy Weirdo Vs. Corporate America – #thestruggleisreal

Artsy Weirdo Vs. Corporate America – #thestruggleisreal I want to share my woes of being an artsy weirdo trapped in Corporate America – #thestruggleisreal. You see, my undergraduate and graduate degrees were in Film and Media Arts, ...


Brooklyn Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2015 Collections

Brooklyn Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2015 Collections Detoxaholic was on deck at Industry City to check out the Spring/Summer 2015 trends at Brooklyn Fashion Week! This was my first time attending, and my senses were on full alert soaking in ...