Spring, traditionally is a time of year that symbolizes renewal and growth. The climate transitions from the cruel cold of winter into some steady periods of rain and much appreciated warmer weather. People start to become more social in the spring and start to partake in outdoor activities again, the flowers and trees start to bloom, and it’s a beautiful time. I always appreciate this time of year because it brings me out of the hermit mode that I adapt in the winter, and most importantly my birthday is in April :)

The transition of spring this year, is extremely important to me because of a major transition in my personal life. I’ve recently accepted a job offer in downtown Brooklyn, NY. Anyone who knows me personally is aware of my love affair with Brooklyn. I used to live in BedStuy for about four years, and had to transition back to my native New Jersey to get away from negative people, finish up grad school, and gather up my coins. I stayed in Jersey longer than I expected, but this period forced me to put my mind and spirit through some long overdue reflection and meditation.

I needed to mourn the painful death of my mother from cancer, and figure out my life without her. Being in Jersey gave me time to reestablish my place in the world and how I was going to achieve my new evolved standards of success. Fast forward, I’ve created my blog Detoxaholic, recorded my first EP project, and with these blessings God has prepared me for this return to my dearest love, Brooklyn <3

It’s so surreal to finally receive this long awaited blessing. II’ve been feeling stuck at my present job and missing the massive cultural vibrations and opportunities in Brooklyn, and just when I started to feel hopeless, my prayers were answered! My mind and spirit has matured on so many levels, in ways that I’ve never imagined, and I’m just so grateful for the new blessings that God has bestowed upon me.

During my time of reflection, I was experiencing so much regret from my past mistakes, but I realized that those were useless thoughts. I had to break from this cycle of thought and realize that all of those past challenges were hidden blessings that strengthen me into the woman I am today. I’ve learned that I’m much more resilient, patient, and focused that I’ve ever imagined. I also realized that it is counter-productive and wasteful to compare my lives to others, I learned to trust that God will continue to provide me with blessings when he sees fit.
Excuse me if I’m coming off super Christian-like, but I’m just so grateful. I’ve had to experience so much darkness all on my own for a long time, and this burst of light is so surreal and fulfilling. Most importantly, God, my mother, and my own persistence to know, work and do better surfaced this light.

I’m a huge believer that you can’t provide blessings to others until you realize that your own life is a blessing within itself. I hope that I can inspire at least one person to never give up on themselves and their dreams. For people to know that your self-worth is not reflected by the judgement of others or the superficial things in life. Self-worth blossoms from developing the self-recognition of your uniqueness and how you choose to positively express that to the world! I’m so happy that the future’s finally on time, and I’m so excited to get started!

Endless blessings my Detoxaholic fam, and always continue to shine your light!