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As I continue to grow my Detoxaholic movement, I’m gaining heightened appreciation for social media. It’s a creative hustler’s dream come true to freely (emphasis on “freely”) promote your work, network, and discover other new talents, organizations and businesses that match your particular cultural palette. But it’s becoming so unfortunate that oh so many grownups are polluting the climate of social media with unnecessary child’s play. On any given day, as I scroll down my Feed viewing statuses of cat fights, lovers’ quarrels, love triangles, baby mama/daddy dramas, and all other displays of TMI moments, it instantly drives me to alter my friend or followers list. It’s become socially acceptable for mortgage/rent/tax paying, children having adults to air their dirty laundry all over social media sites, and this shit really needs to STOP!

People, we really need to stop with this obsessive thirst for attention. Please quit with trying to make social media into a virtual ratchet talk show that no one wants to be a part of. We’re all grown and all share the common link of personal dramas. But it is 2015, and there are endless options to seek therapy for your personal problems. Receiving comments or likes on social media doesn’t resolve any matter and only displays your desperation for attention and approval from fair-weather friends and strangers. When I go on social media I want to laugh, read an insightful article, find a new online business or organization, or see people’s views on controversial current affairs. But instead, my poor slanted brown eyes are slammed with reading episodes of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” saga, smdh.

This flair for the cyber dramatics only stifles ones path in facing your demons. All the likes and sympathetic comments in the world will not erase the harsh reality of spiritual woes. We need to put value back in having hear-to-heart talks with our loved ones, therapy, or seeking counseling from religious/spiritual leaders. These are outlets where one can effectively self-reflect and be proactive in resolving their personal struggles. Social media rants don’t resolve matters and only results in your own embarrassment.

My observation may be a bit judgmental, but airing your business to the world allows for public ridicule. That’s why I’m very particular of what I share on social media because you have to be able to face the consequences of your own doing. I understand if children, teens, and even college kids being irresponsible with their social media behavior because that takes time and maturity. But all you grown folks out there, please stop this foolishness.

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way. In regards to social media behavior amongst adults, should it be viewed as “your page, your right” or are these sites becoming flooded with #TMI? Detox ya mind and share your thoughts!