RES final

The infectious, funky track “Golden Boys” by Philadelphia native Res was a major staple of the soundtrack of my latter adolescent years.   Hearing the track instantly generates a moment of nostalgia, and I start to reminisce about the chill libations at house parties and cyphers in my earlier years at Temple University.  My friends and I were totally in love with her eclectic swag, beauty, and killer abs.  I always admired how her unique voice held such great genre flexibility – soul, folk, rock, hip-hop, and the list goes on.

In the early 2000’s, Res was at the forefront of new wave artists from Philadelphia that were bravely evolving soul music into unchartered waters. Since then, she continues to boldly pave her own lane in the ever-changing climate of the music industry. Recently, Detoxaholic held the great pleasure of speaking with Res about her cultural beginnings in Philadelphia, career milestones, life lessons, and her exciting crowdfund campaign launch for her new album appropriately titled RESET.

Born Shareese Renee Ballard, Res was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Her father was a successful entrepreneur who worked in construction and owned several real estate properties, and also ran numbers in the hard of Philadelphia. Her mother was a loving housewife that supported all of her natural talents by having her involved in various extracurricular activities such as vocal lessons, playing tennis, and more. Living in a predominantly Jewish suburb, and attending a private catholic school, she was meeting different people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Then on the weekends, she would visit her family in North Philly where she still had insight to the latest music and fashion trends. Res shares how she appreciates the duality of her upbringing because it allowed her to embrace, and easily communicate and work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

As a child, Res always loved music and knew how to sing, but didn’t initially have dreams of a musical career. She didn’t have anyone close to her that had experience in music and was naïve to the various career paths the industry had to offer. She shares how there are three people that served as a strong support system as she was establishing her style and career as a musician and recording artist. Her friend, acclaimed recording artist and writer Santigold, producer Corey Smith, and former President of MCA records, Jay Boberg. With this foundation, she began recording music at the age of nineteen and when she was twenty-three she recorded and released her first project How I Do.

Since then, she’s released four studio albums that all reflect various perspectives and phases of her life. Throughout her career she’s been blessed to work with great talents such as Gnarls Barkley, Talib Kweli, and many more. All of her acquired knowledge has prepared her for the launch of her exciting new project RESET.

She proudly professes that this new passion project is dedicated to her fans. She believes that the sound and tone of the project is a great reflection of her signature genre fluidity and eclectic style. She’s taken a more hands on approach for the release of this album, which is positively heightening her entrepreneurial and business senses. Her honing in on these skills was due to failed attempts by various music industry confidants getting her project out with the proper spotlight and resources she believed it deserved. Tired of feeling as if her back was against the wall, she bravely decided to launch a $30K crowdfund campaign on Indiegogo to release her album under her own terms and vision. She explains that she’s completed the recording of the album, and the campaign is aimed towards paying for all of the talented producers and mixers that worked on the project, and especially for marketing the album.

Res admits that marketing is a bit of a challenge because in this new age of social media, she’s realizing the heavy attention and time consumption that this faction of her project entails. Despite this challenge, she is appreciative of the learning curve, and it continues to drive her and her team’s development of new strategies and initiatives for the album’s release.

She encourages all independent artists to realize the importance of branding and marketing and to take classes to learn how to efficiently apply it to your particular craft. Res believes that this aspect of the business requires as much attention and effort as the art itself because it’s necessary to get your work out to the masses so the artist can have awareness of how people feel about their current project.  Without that awareness, it can be somewhat discouraging for the artist to maintain inspiration and motivation.

With this evolved perspective, Res is currently residing in Los Angles and loving her continuous discovery of the city’s music scene. She shares how she’s getting back into her turntable skills and DJ’ing parties. She loves how DJ’ing keeps her on the pulse of the music industry and opens up her palette to diverse genres and sounds.

Currently, her priority is the campaign and launch of her album RESET. Res shares how the success of this album will affect the method of how she will release future projects.  She is so excited to share her new work with her fans and so appreciative of their continued support and love.  She hopes that this project will reflect all of her dedication to her fans and hard work that she poured into the project.  Res’s motivation is a true inspiration for all fellow artists because it shows how to not allow past challenges and doubters to cloud your judgment. Instead, you can as it as a source of motivation to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

To donate for the release of Res’s new album RESET, please visit her Indiegogo campaign. And to stay current on all her endeavors, follow her via her website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.