The Jenell B. Stewart brand is an ever-evolving and inspiring platform. She’s an award winning natural hair, beauty, health, and wellness editorial writer. Jenell went from being an everyday college educated working woman, who started her following by blogging about her emotional and physical transition of cutting her hair and growing it back to its natural state. Today, she’s Creator and Editor-in-Chief of two nationally-acclaimed online magazines, and I had the pleasure of speaking with Jenell as she shared her journey of successfully establishing her passions into a lucrative reality.


Jenell was born and raised in New York City, and in junior high school, she aspired to be a lawyer. In college, she doubled majored in Political Science and Philosophy and minored in African-American Studies. She even took the LSAT’s in preparation for law school. Yet, after graduating college, her passion for law seemed to shift, and she experienced some unexpected career transitions. In 2010, after tossing the idea around in her mind, she acted on her inclination to cut her hair and go natural. She did the big chop and started blogging about her new transformation. She started having “Big Chop” parties with her cousin where they would talk about different natural hair beauty products they were experimenting with; this new hobby led her to create The mission of this newfound platform is to help other women and share experiences of transitioning and maintaining natural hair. The site provides insightful channels such as Jenell’s reviews of different natural hair products, YouTube tutorials of different style and maintenance options, and the Facebook page where she consistently interacts and communicates with her audience of whom she devotedly calls her “loves.”

Another major extension of Jenell’s brand is her family oriented, health and wellness site,, which promotes motherhood, self-love, turning your passions into goals, and unifying people through networking and community initiatives. On both of sites, Jenell shares how the questions her audience asks guides her editorial and video projects. She consistently devotes herself to researching in order to educate her audience on all products and programs with her honest reviews. She appreciates the diversity of her loves and aims to always cater to their wide range of beauty and healthy living needs. Jenell also hopes that her editorial reviews on certain products will force companies to strengthen their brand quality to better serve the public.


Jenell’s goal is to proudly promote African-American beauty. She believes that the black beauty market needs more diversity to different outlets and hopes that she can continue to thrive and inspire more entrepreneurs to take on this industry. Jenell’s admirable work ethic and integrity has allotted her to gain notable network and cross-branding relationships with reputable platforms such as Essence, Shea Moisture, Curls, and more.

In addition to her entrepreneurial achievements, Jenell is also a proud wife and mother of two adorable children. She shares how she is blessed to have a very supportive family and always tries her best to plan ahead as she steadily balances her career and family life.

In 2015 and beyond, Jenell continues to push her platform full steam ahead. She shares how she plans to extend her brand through planning more natural hair and beauty events, and writing a book that encompasses her multi-tier platform. She genuinely enjoys networking with her audience and fellow like-minded visionaries. Jenell hopes that her achievements can inspire people to never let fear hold you back. She believes that all dreams are possible if you make a plan, initiate and always walk in faith.

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