Detoxaholic is spotlighting graphic and web design extraordinaire Jason Harrison, who is the founder and owner of Jay Harry Media, LLC. He openly shares his upbringing and early creative inspirations in his native Queens, NY, his education and career success, and entrepreneurial beginnings.

I had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Jason when we both worked at an advertising agency in lower Manhattan some years back. At that time, Jason designed and managed all of the web and graphic design for the agency and I loved going into his office to bother and joke around with him on my off time. I always knew Jason was a superb talent, but I was naïve to the extent of his creative hustling. Little did I know, he was focused and humbly growing his side business with a steadily rising roster of clients. Luckily, I was able to maintain my friendship with Jason and was fortunate to have him take Detoxaholic to the next branding level by creating the super wavy logo presently on the blog site!

Jason’s parents are both natives of Florida that formed their love and union in Queens, and raised their four children together. Jason is the youngest of his siblings, and he shares how he always had a natural love for doodling and drawing since his childhood. He says that his mother told him that he loved to draw more than reciting his ABC’s. In the 2nd grade, he had an assignment to paint a self-portrait. His encouraging reaction from his teacher was an important moment for him and made him aware of his natural talent. A few years later, he had another art project in school where he painted a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his school was so impressed with his work that they submitted it to a bank to be hung up in their reception area. Jason shares how that was a special and memorable moment from his childhood that really inspired him to become more disciplined and hone in on his artistic skills.

After graduating high school he attended New York Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in graphic design for print advertising. Jason shares that during his college years, there weren’t any classes for learning web design, so he took the initiative and acquired the knowledge on his own to broaden his capabilities. With this dual skill set, he was able to find corporate employment after graduating college. He also shares that he gradually started to build his clientele by freelancing on the side for small business owners by providing services in creating company logos, business cards, blog sites, websites, and various digital needs.

Jason explains how his growing clientele stemmed from recommendations from satisfied customers. The increased demand for his services led him to form his own digital design and services company, Jay Harry Media. He shares that entrepreneurship allows him to simultaneously cater to his client’s needs while still maintaining full artistic freedom; which is a lacking element in his corporate career.

In addition to creative control, Jason loves that he can assist small business owners in developing their visual branding. He prides himself on providing his clients with polished products that allow their businesses to gain more attraction from big name companies. He shares that his client’s appreciation for his work is endlessly fulfilling and he adores how his services can aid in their confidence and motivation in accomplishing their initiatives.

Jason believes that there are endless opportunities in the graphic and digital design industries. He encourages all people in or interested in these industries to find their niche and build your services based on these needs. For example, Jason shares how many of his African American clients seek his services because they trust that they can relate their vision to him, in a cultural sense, and will lead to a satisfactory product that aligns with the particular theme of their business. He believes that keeping an honest, comfortable, and relaxed exchange with clients are the leading essentials to his success.

To check out Jason’s portfolio for inspiration or request his services, visit his website, or via Twitter, and Facebook.