Dirty Sheets book cover

Author Shyrone Cyph Smith enters deep and dark waters as he tells the story of a misguided, inner-city black male youth finding his way as a young man in his mystery thriller novel entitled Dirty Sheets.

The story is centered on 20 year old Lamaree. Both of his drug addicted parents have been imprisoned for much of his life, leaving him as the caretaker of his younger teenage basketball star brother, Raheem. Lamaree was also a basketball phenom and would’ve had access to college academic and athletic scholarships, but he opted out of college to stay home to take care of his younger brother. Lamaree is a natural leader and caretaker, and after he graduates from high school he opens and runs his own successful auto repair and carwash business. But the real means behind Lamaree’s flashy lifestyle is his secret life as a male escort to wealthy women in the Tri-State area. None of his loved ones know about his secret life, not his brother and especially not his long-time girlfriend Lysa.

But Lamaree’s hidden secret is forced to the surface after he finds out he is HIV positive after a doctor’s visit. With this knowledge, Lamaree snaps and goes on a murderous rage hunting down and murdering all of his female clients until he finds out who gave him the disease. He prays that he hasn’t affected his love Lysa and fears that she will leave him once he confesses his secret to her. Lamaree was finally in a place of wanting to settle down and marry Lysa while managing his brother’s career to ultimately become an NBA superstar. But now he’s been swept into this alternate reality of consumed depression, fear, and psychotic fury.

Dirty Sheets is a dark coming of age story. Smith provides a psychological journey into the mind of a young black man trying to figure out his place in the world while coming from a fractured family structure. The story makes the reader simultaneously want to hug, slap, and fear the protagonist Lamaree because of his alluring psychological roller coaster. It’s an empathetic, yet frightening tale of the difficulty for a young person to absorb the right values and morals to function as an emotionally healthy adult when they’re consumed with the will to survive from birth.

This urban thriller is a must-read. To get your copy, you can purchase online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To stay updated on the future literary works of author Shyrone Cyph Smith, follow him via Instagram and Facebook.