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My dear Detoxaholics, like the rest of you my heart and spirit are terribly unsettled from all the current civil unrest in America. The inhumane issues of police misconduct and brutality has always been a social staple in America, but intense news coverage and civilian usage of camera phones are equally casting a blaring spotlight on this normalized injustice. In the cases of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, none of the families received any justice for their painful losses. This disturbing trend is forcing all Americans to deeply analyze their placement in society.

In the social media world, I’ve been observing the various perspectives on the racial imbalance in the American legal system. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has been exploding with different hashtag trends that are continuing the conversation on race relations in this country. In particular, #crimingwhilewhite is the trend that stuck out to me the most. It was interesting to hear the different personal stories and reflections of certain freedoms that white people experience; dealing with the law specifically. These are a few of the tweets that I viewed out of thousands and perhaps millions:

  • NOW I see: blacks don’t have luxury of being youthful idiots; they’re denied the PROCESS of growing up. #crimingwhilewhite
  • I get why #CrimingWhileWhite is politically problematic. But it’s a rare peek into the spoils of whiteness
  • James Eagan Holmes is the accused perpetrator of a mass shooting that killed 12 people at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012. – Shot 72 people and killed 12 in a movie theatre and was subdued and arrested unharmed. #CrimingWhileWhite


As a black woman in America, it is refreshing to see white Americans reflect and acknowledge the divide of our human existence in this country. Throughout my years on this Earth, I’ve come to realize that change usually starts with the psyche. In order for our behavior, practices and laws to fairly transition, we all must change our beliefs and view of one another. However, the sad reality is that stating stories of youthful naivety or intoxicated foolishness barely begins to scratch the surface of the epidemic of #crimingwhilewhite.

We are living in a time of wacky social and political juxtaposition. Our country’s leader is an African American man, but many who are hired to protect and serve under his laws still operate under a Constitution that acknowledges black people as non-human, chattel property. I love and admire that there are droves of all nationalities of people protesting against the avoidable deaths of these black male youths; but the United States government needs to take drastic strides in revising government policies and documents to reflect the current state of society so that hopefully all legal entities can attempt to begin fair practice of law and order. I fully believe that the continuous peaceful protesting all over our country is definitely putting pressure on our government to take these procedures, but only time will tell for whom these policies will favor.

I am honored to be living in this historical moment and in awe of all the unity and organization of these protests that are promoting humanity and true democracy. As a resident of New Jersey, as I watch and read the news, I am seeing that there are several cities and towns in my state that are creating mandatory policies that cops begin to wear body cameras so that their behavior is more closely monitored. We shall see how that will effect change in police conduct, but haven’t we all bear witness to the viral video of Eric Garner being mobbed, tackled, and strangled to his death, and none of the cops were indicted?

You tell me Detox fam, do you think that these “new police conduct policies” are being created to actually promote humane fairness or to just get the protestors out of the streets?