Detoxaholic is proud to spotlight the cookbook and movement of Chef Aiden Baptiste-Boissiere. Residing in Washington D.C., this New Orleans native has created a new body of work that he believes equally encompasses his cultural roots and culinary expertise. Aiden discusses how the title itself, Cooking with Chef Aiden – It’s Personal, warmly invites audiences to partake on Aiden’s culinary journey of showcasing quick, healthy, comfort dishes that reflect his Creole roots and various Mediterranean and Italian fused dishes that are the major rave of his growing clientele. This cookbook can serve as a wonderful tool for people like me who shy away from the stressful vanity of crash diets and view health as a lifestyle choice as opposed to temporary insanity.

Chef Aiden’s present brand of culinary health is a contrasting accomplishment from his initial career goals as a young man. He attended college and graduated with a degree in finance from the University of Houston. After working as a successful accountant for 18 years, he was unexpectedly laid off from his job back in 2009. This challenge forced him to self-reflect on his life and what direction he wanted to move forward for the future. Thus, he courageously pursued his passion for the culinary arts and went on to study at Le Cordon Bleu. As Aiden continued to follow his new intuitive journey, once he completed his education he successfully landed four catering jobs in Washington D.C, and one in New York. From that point Aiden realized that his blind ambition had rightfully placed him in his purpose. His drive sparked his entrepreneurial spirit in creating Aiden’s Cuisine. His culinary business provides personal chef and catering services for the public to enjoy his signature style of Creole, Italian, and Mediterranean fused dishes. Some of his most popular dishes, which are also included in the cookbook, are gumbo, creole spiced shrimp, mussels Diablo, and much more. Aiden shares how he always aims to provide healthy, balanced, low carb and calorie meals, but introduced with his own unique flair. The ingredients used in his cookbook are all foods and spices that can be brought at your local food market. Aiden advises that people should focus on quality when shopping for food and not become obsessed with overpriced “organic “food. He believes one can only be certain that food is truly organic if self-grown in your own garden.

Aiden proudly shares how his new cookbook was solely financed by the financial success of Aiden’s Cuisine. Along with that financial stability, he is also a proud self-published author with the release of this new project, and held full creative control in the image and marketing aspects. Aiden also shares his gratitude of his network of family, friends, colleagues, and clients who have and continue to support his platform. His loved ones such as his grandmother, mother, his brother Daniel, best friend Chad, his Sous Chef Carolyn, and many more have all served as blessings in his life that constantly keep him motivated and inspired.

With this month marking the four year anniversary of Aiden’s Cuisine, Aiden proudly reflects on all of his achievements. This upcoming fall season from September to December, he will embark on his national cookbook tour that is already scheduled to hit major cities such as Washington D.C., New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, & several metropolises all over California. The tour is sponsored by Nation Tours and Transportation, who is owned by his dear friend Victoria Taylor. In addition to growing his cookbook series, Chef Aiden has much more ambitious ventures under his sleeves. He eventually wants to have his own gourmet market similar to Dean & Deluca, where people can shop and dine enjoying his own signature style cuisine. He also wants a cooking show as an additional tier to his platform. He initially hosted his own cooking show on the online platform WLVS (Listen, Vision, Live) where he interviewed and cooked an everyday healthy dish with guests in front of a live studio audience. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wants to create his own show, but one that fully displays his brand and creative management. The sky is the limit for Chef Aiden as he grows his business and clientele. His cookbook is now available for purchase on Lulu, and will be available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Nook, and ILibrary in September. He shares how he is truly grateful for his platform and encourages all culinary artists to know their palette and design your cuisine to proudly reflect your unique perspective and self-expression!

To stay abreast with Chef Aiden’s upcoming book tour, current events, or amazing culinary or catering services visit his website or follow him via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.