Brooklyn Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2015 Collections

Detoxaholic was on deck at Industry City to check out the Spring/Summer 2015 trends at Brooklyn Fashion Week! This was my first time attending, and my senses were on full alert soaking in all the Brooklyn signature swag of the red carpet VIP, attendees, and staff. I loved the diversity of fashion expressions. There was a mixture of urban sophistication with men in tailored suits, suspenders, and slick loafers; the women in A-line dresses and skirts, sexy heels, and huge, floppy –brimmed vintage hats. We were in Brooklyn, so of course there were hip-hop inspired fashions cascading through the room. I loved seeing men in custom designed Nike sneakers, army fatigue or green jackets, hoodies, and baseball-fitted caps. Females were also showing off their sneaker-junky fashions, army themed pants rompers, and sexy tailored sweat suits—and of course there were general fashion staples such as black moto leather jackets, mini-skirts and dresses, and tinted sunglasses.

Apart from the crowd fashion, the vibe of the event was very warm and laid back. While waiting for the shows to start, guests and staff could enjoy drinks, and the vibrant cool sounds of bands such as The Craig Greenberg Band and The Tryptics.

Once the festivities began, I loved the diverse perspectives of all the designers. It was a sort of like the “United Nations” of underground fashion designers from Africa, Philippines, Spain, West Indies, Middle East, and more. There was so much to take in at the time, but also so many awesome trends to look forward to for next season. For example, instead of pastels, we will see a flash of neon bright – purple, green, pink, blue, orange, etc. Some designers played with non-traditional colors such as navy blue, burgundy, and black. The color white was another leading staple and could be seen in most outer wear—vests, jackets, and lightweight trenches and blazers. The next noticeable trend was the interesting placement of embellishments. Many designers had patterns placed on the collars or wrists of sexy sheer blouses and dresses. Ladies, please emphasize the arm, back and legs in your winter exercise regimens because strategic cut outs on jackets, vests, and blouses were big—plus, flirty pleated mini-skirts and dress. The staple accessories for next season are choker necklaces and cuff bracelets. I loved how certain designers made built-in chokers on halter tops and dress. As for the cuff bracelets—the thicker, the better; I loved how it channeled an ancient Egypt, Nefertiti-like flair.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my first Brooklyn Fashion week. There was so much awesome talent and diverse social and cultural expressions of beauty and fashion. There were actually two majorly gifted designers that have the official Detoxaholic stamp of approval! I was blessed to interview one-on-one with Angel Rodriguez, OMI, and Karen DeFreitas Fraser for Soka. Both designers proudly represented their individual cultures, and are powerful forces to be reckoned with in the underground-fashion world.

Please click on the photos below to get familiar with these shining stars!