Hello Detox World! I just want to start off saying that I haven’t forgot you, please believe that.

Do you remember my last post; Spring – Season of New Beginnings & Growth, where I poured out my positive, joyous vibes about landing my new job in Downtown Brooklyn, and my gradual migration back to my beloved borough?

While this transition has been a blessing in so many ways, I’ve also faced a few challenges in route to my grown woman, creative hustler master plan.

My new job is very fast-paced, but a great learning experience to keep me on track of heightening my knowledge in project management. My co-workers are pleasant and helpful, and I’m gradually dropping weight from bopping around these streets due to my new commuter lifestyle. However, since I momentarily still live in New Jersey until my lease ends in July, this commute is literally kicking my ass. It’s very tiresome to do a commute that’s over an hour — five days a week. It has caused me to lessen my consistency and discipline with updating my Detoxaholic content, and I’ve been getting a bit down on myself about it. But, after an awesome grown woman pow-wow with my bestie, I’ve figured out a new way to fit in my Detoxaholic time during my work week, and it’s definitely working because I’m drafting this post right now on my ride back home on the NJ Transit, lol.

Currently, I’ve been going stronger in my hunt for a new apartment. Ideally, my first choice is to live in Brooklyn, but my other options are Queens, and the Hudson County area in Jersey. Since I left Brooklyn back in 2010, the market has changed up a lot. That damn Jay Z and the Barclay Center, plus heightened gentrification, it’s become even harder to find an affordable apartment in a decent and safe area of my beloved Brooklyn.

My former residency in Brooklyn was in the Bedstuy area, but with the current jacked up rent prices, Bedstuy is not even an option for me anymore. Presently, the areas I’m looking to live at in Brooklyn are: Bayridge, Midwood, Flatbush, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Canarsie, Carroll Gardens, and Dumbo. All of these sections have rent rates that are in my price range and are also safe areas for a single girl like me. After reading many blogs and articles about how the cost of living drastically changing in Brooklyn, I shouldn’t be shocked, but now that I’m in the middle of my apartment search, the reality is so disappointing.

I’m preparing myself to see tons of horrible apartments before I find the right new crib. Any person out there that’s in the same boat as me, I recommend that you schedule apartment viewings either after work or Saturdays. The reason why I suggest these days is because these are times where you can get a realistic view of the vibe and rhythm of the neighborhood. If the apartment meets your standards and the area positively captures your intuition, then it’s a go.

Besides trusty Craigslist, I’ve also been searching for apartments on, and Street Easy. Detoxaholics, I’d appreciate any recommendations of other sites or apps that I need to look into, please and thank you 🙂