From the start of Trump’s campaign and now presidency, I’ve noticed the unfortunate domino effect of his pompous behavior having a negative impression on American society. The constant loop of Trump’s grandiose behavior on American media outlets has shifted the social and political climate into an alternate universe – where lies are programmed as truth, racism and bigotry are back to being openly displayed, and the wealthy are immorally testing the limits of their power.

In the words of Queen Angela Rye, “y’all president” is successfully maintaining his spectacle reputation. His arrogance, disregard for the American democratic system and counterparts, along with the taunting of other countries with the threat of war has unfortunately reopened the door for many Americans to bring their inner obnoxious bully to the surface.

Since the start of Trump’s presidency, I’ve noticed the growing number of social media clips of everyday people shouting racial slurs or getting into altercations with people of color or other marginalized groups in America over simple misunderstandings that can be easily resolved is a respectful manner. You can be at the beach, airport, or grocery store, and there’s some disgruntled miserable white person who decides to use racism and bigotry as vehicles to vent out their personal frustrations on you. And now with the white supremacist riot in Virginia – the hatred has officially brewed to the surface for the world to see.

Even though I don’t agree with getting into fights and arrested over random rude strangers, I also don’t tolerate unnecessary disrespect. I haven’t personally been in or witnessed this circumstance in person, but if I get into a misunderstanding with any person and they turn it into a racially charged altercation, I’m definitely defending myself (i.e. reporting incident to law enforcement or possibly coming to blows), and would encourage others to do the same.

Even in the world of celebrity, you can observe the same bullying behavior. Some large personalities in the world of Hollywood who are known for their controversial behavior such as Bill Maher, Bill O’Reilly, Chris Brown, Steve Harvey, and more – are all publicly conducting themselves in a harsh and offensive fashion that reflects how they are using their platforms to intimidate or disrespect others who do not match them in wealth and/or resources.

From Bill Maher’s unnecessary “house nigga” joke, to Bill O’Reilly publicly mocking the hair of prominent political figure Maxine Waters as commentary on one of her infamous speeches against the Trump Administration, to Chris Brown ridiculing and stalking his ex-girlfriend Karreuche Tran on social media, and Steve Harvey telling a joke about the contaminated water of Flint, MI to a disgruntled caller on his radio show – are all top examples of public figures disrespectfully pushing the boundaries of their social clout.

I’ve always believed that it is your personal responsibility to put out the most positive attributes of yourself to the world – especially when your career is in the entertainment industry. Instead of Harvey, Brown, Maher, and O’Reilly appreciating the blessings that their careers and platform have allotted them, it’s obvious that they’re egos are causing them to take their livelihoods for granted and look down upon others that don’t feed into their hype.

And to add salt to the wound, when these celebrities are reprimanded by the public or held accountable for their ego-driven actions, they usually give media-trained apologies. The apologies are usually full of excuses to relieve the irresponsibility of their words and actions in hopes to silence the angry mob of folks that may be offended by or disagree with their behavior.

All people, including these celebrities have to remember the simple cause and effect of karma. If you put out negativity, disrespect, bullying, or obnoxious behavior – you will receive it back from the world. When you receive this negativity back in a consistent pattern of moments, I always find it helpful to self-reflect. It’s detrimental to your spiritual and emotional growth to view the world is against you, when it’s really you versus yourself.

I hope that this aforementioned group of celebrities can eventually humble themselves and take responsibility for the wave of backlash they’ve received for their reckless behavior. Take this time to view these moments as learning experiences to quiet yourself, reflect, reset, and re-strategize how you want to leave your mark on the world. And most importantly, to remember that the higher you climb on the social and economic ladder, there is always someone who is looking to take your spot. At the end of the day, we’re all replaceable, even the POTUS.

In the words of King Kendrick, “be humble.” We all need to stop taking our blessings for granted because they can be easily taken away. Our gifts are bestowed upon us not to hold over others heads, but to share and provide a service to the world.

I’m learning that the trials and tribulations of life are extremely tough and can knock you off your course, but there are always valuable lessons in troubling times. Life has definitely invaded my Detoxaholic grind is a massive way, but this is my shit and I can pick it back up when my spirit sees fit. I will continue my goal to use my platform to inspire, inform, and entertain and not fall pressure to writing about celebrity gossip, Trump-mania” or being a social media hater. I’m realizing that being a natural non-conformist is a lonely road, but it keeps me focused on appreciating the sacredness of my self-made platform.