RES final

Res – Evolution of RESET

The infectious, funky track “Golden Boys” by Philadelphia native Res was a major staple of the soundtrack of my latter adolescent years.   Hearing the track instantly generates a moment of nostalgia, and I start to reminisce about the chill ...


Real Friends, How Many of Us?

Just when I thought tantrum-filled, egocentric Kanye West was totally out of touch with reality, he blesses us with the super-relatable track “Real Friends” off of his recent album, The Life of Pablo. The introspective track aids the audience in ...


#YYT – YummyYeahTuesdays

Detoxaholic is back with the #YYT (Yummy Yeah Tuesday) celebration! Showing love to two new generation musicians that are capturing audiences with their unique style of soul music and laid back, sex appeal! First, we’re showing love to NYC-based ...