So . . . I Think I Have An Office Crush

So, um, I think I may have an office crush. I’ve never had one before and its super weird because I don’t view work as a place where I’m thinking to run into someone I may find attractive.  And most importantly, I’m too damn old to have crushes, ...


#YYT – YummyYeahTuesdays

Detoxaholic is back with the #YYT (Yummy Yeah Tuesday) celebration! Showing love to two new generation moguls in the making that are making waves with their uniquely stylized celebration of natural beauty and grooming for all my fellow ...


Academy Awards Diversity Issue – New Chapter, Same Story

This year’s Academy Award nominations announcement has caused a country-wide media uproar. Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett-Smith publicly shamed the Oscars for their lack of racial diversity in the nominations.  She called for all influential ...