The Badge

It’s 2015, and this generation of women has accomplished and obtains access to heightened social and economic successes. We have endless inspiring role models in all industries and social platforms. Michelle Obama will forever remain in history ...

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#YYT – Yummy Yeah Tuesdays

Happy Yummy Yeah Tuesday! Detoxaholic is back with our weekly celebration of showing love to the people that are blessed with the gift of the lusicous. This week we’re showing love to two major music talents: Washington DC R&B veteran ...

Dirty Sheets book cover

Dirty Sheets – Shyrone Cyph Smith

Author Shyrone Cyph Smith enters deep and dark waters as he tells the story of a misguided, inner-city black male youth finding his way as a young man in his mystery thriller novel entitled Dirty Sheets. The story is centered on 20 year old ...


#YYT (YummyYeahTuesdays)

It’s time again for #YYT, Yummy Yeah Tuesdays! This week we’re celebrating the luscious mouth pieces of hip hop super veteran turn Hollywood hustler Common, and new school supermodel Gigi Hadid. Both beauties have serious work ethic, quiet sex ...


Jenell B. Stewart – Natural Celebration

The Jenell B. Stewart brand is an ever-evolving and inspiring platform. She’s an award winning natural hair, beauty, health, and wellness editorial writer. Jenell went from being an everyday college educated working woman, who started her ...


Get Knocked Down, Keep Marching On

National news and media outlets have been in an obsessive frenzy over yet another death of a young black male youth while being in the custody of the police. This time it was a young man named Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland. Gray was ...